Read here what our customers, with first hand exprience, have to say:

From Mr Henk Prinsloo, Eskom
Since the introduction of the plugs, we have had two severe storms that raged in the actual area where these plugs were installed.  Of the three holes that were plugged, none have fallen in or was washed closed or damaged in any way.

The reason for the delay in planting the poles designated, is that the workload after the storms (tornadoes) are such that we just cannot get to the point of work in all the areas.  The severity of the storms was so severe that full supply to this area was only possibly after 3 full days of repairs and there still is single customers offline.

Henk Prinsloo
(QBE) RSASnr. SupvDistribution Northern Region Kanyamazane 1(Figtree TSC)
Cellphone (Work)  +27-82-607-7841
Cellphone (Pvt) +27-82-318-9971