Q:  Is Sukar Plugs prone to collapsing, and if so, under what conditions?
A:   No collapsing, under any conditions.
      The integrity of the hole is guaranteed for as long as the plug is in the hole.

Q:  To what depth is the Sukar Plugs installed?  (Eskom specific)
A:   The correct depth according to Eskom standards.

Q:  Are Sukar Plugs environmentally friendly?
A:  Yes, Sukar Plugs are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials -
      a low density linear polyethelyne (SASOL Product) and can be recycled.

Q:  Do Sukar Plugs pose any risks?
A:   No, no risk involved for humans or animals.
      Humans and animals are safer with the Sukar Plugs installed in the holes. 

Q:  How do I keep animals away from the plugs?
A:   The top portion of the plug can be scented with a repellant to steer animals away.

Q:  How will Sukar Plugs enchance production?
A:   Yes, holes can be drilled in advance as they are guaranteed by the plugs,
      therefore drilling work can be planned and completed in advance.
      No re-drilling will be required as the hole will be fresh after pulling the plug.

Q:  Is it easy to transport?
A:   Yes!  As the plugs are light weight it is easy to transport and can be handled by a single person.

Q:  How do I locate the plugs?
A:  The plugs are a bright orange colour  thus easy to locate in any environment.

Q:  Can the plugs be re-used?
A:   Yes, they can be used over and over again.
    whitch makes it cost effective, work can be planned ahead.