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Open holes are dangerous and a safety risk to people and animals!  Not only can children and animals get trapped,  the shaft can also collapse and the drilling truck has to re-open it - wasting time and money!

Covering these openings with metal plates and other objects are also dangerous and poses a safety risk also to people and animals - not only does it not provide proper covering and maintain the shaft structure, these can cause harm if stepped on.

Sukar Plugs are the ideal cost effective solution - a "hole plug" to solve your problems.

AVOID:             SAVE:     
  • Repeating Excavation & Re-drilling
  • Injuries to animals and people
  • Legal prosecution
  • Cost
  • Resources             
  • Time

Ideal for the use at: 
  • building sites
  • industrial areas
  • mines
  • municipal works


Sukar Plugs:  An apparatus for preserving the integrity of holes in the ground, and, simultaneously ensuring the safety of people and animals in the vicinity.

Designer:     Dirk Hessels
Date:            2011/05/16
Patent:         2011/060007
Type:           Low density linear polyethelyne, SASOL product
Warrantee:  3 years